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A *Very* Sticky Case-Crossover w/ EMS 20/20

Spencer and Chris bring in the big guns from the Standard of Care podcast, Samantha Johnson and Nick Adams! This episode is probably one of the most disturbing cases o...

Show Me My Opponent

On a hot Texas summer day, Dallas Fire responded to a grass fire on the side of the road.  Their subsequent encounter with a gentleman named Kyle Vess – all caught on ...

The Problematic Employee

An employee commits a terrible crime – should the employer be liable?  In this episode, we explore the nuances of negligent hiring, retention, supervision, and trainin...

The Worst of Us

Season 3 is here! The release of the police body camera footage in the cases of Earl Moore, Jr. in Springfield, Illinois and Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee show E...

Lazarus Syndrome

It’s the stuff of nightmares and horror stories: the dead rising from the grave.  On August 23, 2020, it happened in Michigan after a woman who was declared deceased b...

Deliberate Indifference

Dispatchers, call-takers, emergency communications officers – our 911 communications staff are our first first responders.  They work to ensure that patients receive t...

Do NOT Resuscitate

In April 2022, 81-year old Celeste Salanitri died twelve days after being resuscitated by paramedics.  Unfortunately, she never wanted to be resuscitated in the first ...


On this very special crossover episode, Nick and Samantha join Chris and Spencer on the EMS 20/20 podcast to enjoy a multi-layered case discussion peppered with legal ...

Season 2, Episode 3: Two Fire Chiefs and a Lawyer Get Sued

We are now two years out from the beginning of “The Situation”, which means that it’s time for the lawsuits.  In this episode, Nick and Samantha review a case from Kla...

RaDonda Vaught - Crime and Punishment

In late December 2017, Vanderbilt nurse RaDonda Vaught administered the wrong medication to a patient who subsequently died of an anoxic brain injury.  On March 25, 20...

Woo Woo Pull Over!!

On this episode of the Standard of Care Podcast, Nick and Samantha take a look at some of the liability issues surrounding the use of red lights and sirens.  What does...

Episode 11: Reasonable Doubt

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Episode 10: When Everything Hits the Fan

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Episode 9: Sinners and Saints

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Episode 8: I’m So Tired

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Episode 7: EMS Chiefs Gone Wild

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Episode 6: Closed for Business

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Episode 5: Vitamin K (Legally!)

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Episode 4: Nope!

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Episode 3: Ouchy, That Hurt!

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Episode 2 - Inconceivable

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Why Lawsuits

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